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Staedtler Mars Lumograph Sketch Pencil - 2H

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Rs 690.00 LKR
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Rs 690.00 LKR
  • Benefit from the best: Everyone from beginners to a professional will appreciate the quality, smoothness and shading capabilities of these sketching pencils
  • Class act: This graphite pencil belongs in the classroom as well as part of any artist's sketching pencil tool kit
  • 2H is our medium hard lead. These are ideal shading pencils for drawing and sketching - create softly opaque shades and medium strength lines
  • The perfect sketch pencil for smooth, blending shadowing, medium strokes and mid-range shading
  • Premium break resistance means longer-lasting leads! Only Staedtler's Lumograph art pencils for drawing and shading feature a lead bonded to the shaft so they don't break off while sharpening