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Daler Rowney Simply Gesso 500ml

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Rs 7,200.00 LKR
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Rs 7,200.00 LKR
  • Prepare your masterpieces with a layer of Daler Rowney Simply Gesso. 
  • Just apply a thin layer of this white gesso acrylic primer to your desired surface and create a bright, non-porous, protective layer for your chosen paint to seamlessly adhere to. 
  • Perfect for oil and acrylic paints, this gesso leaves behind a rough surface that can be sanded down to smoothness. 
  • You can add this acrylic paint gesso to your acrylic or oil colors to create a thick, textured paint or create a tinted base. 
  • White acrylic paint primer. 
  • Suitable for indoors.
  • Textured surface once dry. 
  • Available in a 500 ml bottle.