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Copic Graphic Markers Classic 36c

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Rs 61,950.00 LKR

Europe's No. 1 can be found at the work of almost all graphic designers and artists - excellent handling and reliability are the basis of this success.

The COPIC marker has two tips:

  • fine (0.5 mm)

  • wide (about 2 to 6 mm)


Copic Shop

The Copic Classic Marker is the original line of Copic double-ended pens for design and illustration. Each marker features a wide chisel tip for bold work and a standard fine bullet tip for detailing.

This set contains the following thirty six colours: Lemon Yellow (Y13), Pale Yellow (Y11), Pale Sepia (YR24), Chrome Orange (YR04), Vermilion (08), Flesh (R02), Crimson (RV29), Pink (RV11), Violet (V09), Light Blue (B14), Peacock Blue (B06), Process Blue (B05), Ocean Green (G28), Lime Green (G21), Forest Green (G17), Nile Green (G07), Yellow Green (YG03), Cadmium Yellow (Y15), Sand (E33), Burnt Umber (E29), Dark Bark (E49), Prussian Blue (B39), Pale Blue (B32), Ultramarine (B29), Cool Grey 1 (C1), Cool Gray 3 (C3), Cool Grey 5 (C5), Cool Grey 7 (C7), Cool Grey 9 (C9), Warm Grey 1 (W1), Warm Grey 3 (W3), Warm Grey 5 (W5), Warm Grey 7 (W7), Warm Grey 9 (W9), Black (100), Special Black (110).