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Copic Graphic Markers Classic 12c (Toner Grey)

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Rs 20,400.00 LKR
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Rs 20,400.00 LKR

Colours included:

T0 Toner Grey No.0
T1 Toner Grey No.1
T2 Toner Grey No.2
T3 Toner Grey No.3
T4 Toner Grey No.4
T5 Toner Grey No.5
T6 Toner Grey No.6
T7 Toner Grey No.7
T8 Toner Grey No.8
T9 Toner Grey No.9
T10 Toner Grey No.10
0 Colorless Blender



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Equipped with both a medium broad and a fine tip nib, Copic .Too markers are professional graphic artist quality markers, available in 213 colour shades.

This set includes 12 unique colours.

Suitable for Manga, illustration and fine art. Non-toxic with safety caps.